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Exploring Contract For Deed MN? You've landed in the right place. Access our exclusive Minnesota Metro Homes that qualify for Contract For Deed today.


At REMAX Professionals, we've established partnerships with local investors to offer a unique service that most agents may not be familiar with.


Various individuals may face denials in traditional financing due to several reasons, despite having sufficient income and a feasible down payment, indicating their capability for home ownership.


Have you faced rejection due to:

Poor Credit/Lack of Credit

Recent Bankruptcy



Business Ownership with High Write Offs

High Debt Balances

Student Loans

Past Due Child Support

Limited Work History


If you're encountering challenges in securing financing or encountered a situation affecting a previous pre-approval, yet possess funds reserved for a down payment (10%-20%, minimum $30,000) and enough income to support mortgage payments, our Contract For Deed services can bridge that gap and cater to your needs!


You can select nearly any home currently on the market in our approved cities within the 7 Minnesota Metro county area. (Exceptions considered case by case outside approved counties.) With diverse price points and luxurious communities available, you'll have the opportunity to purchase through Contract For Deed from our partnered local lender/investor. Explore the current and upcoming Contract For Deed Homes Minnesota inventory and our top cities.


Upon application, based on your income, savings, and investment accounts, a purchase budget will be provided, akin to traditional financing pre-approval. From this budget, you can choose a home within the approved communities. The partnered lender/investor will endeavor to purchase the home you select based on the agreed terms. Following a successful DOUBLE CLOSING SAME DAY, you become a homeowner through the contract for deed until you decide to refinance and assume full ownership.


The agreement spans 5 years for the contract for deed, with an option to renew for up to a total of 10 years. (5 years maximum if ownership is taken in a business entity's name.) The payment is amortized for 5 years @ 30 years, with an additional 5 years amortized at the remaining balance if you require more time. For a comprehensive overview of my Contract For Deed MN service from commencement to completion, request a private consultation today.


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